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Billy Huxley, I don’t think so.



Billy Huxley! That’s a name that probably thousands of girls are ready to give their lives for! Why? Some may find him cute and some will say he is handsome and some will say he is hot and sexy. These are probably not the true reasons why he has a staggering figure of 37,000 Twitter followers. Girls get attracted to him because he is only 23 years old and he has managed to walk the burning path of fame. At twenty-something, a career of a renowned model speaks of potential and qualities that not everyone can possess. It is this particular quality of Billy that girls like. So, in case you are envying his success with girls, I will say – DON’T! You can get girls too! We are not really going to tell you how because here we are more concerned about Billy.


This young man undoubtedly has a photo face and he knows how to throw a facial expression at cameras but…look at his body tats! A Viking look? Billy needs to read history books and take a closer look at images of Vikings (if he can find a real one). Roses and birds! Are they, by any chance, close to blood thirsty Vikings? We agree…umm…nah! I Agree! He knows how to pose in front of a camera but I think, his taste for body tats is awful and his knowledge of history is even worse. He needs to work on this hard before he can claim himself to be one with Scandinavian Viking look.

You know what? The choice of body tats speaks a lot about a person’s taste for other forms of art. Billy is a self-confessed music addict. Okay, that’s another attribute that girls love but think again! How good a taste can a man have when his tats are awful? May be he doesn’t like Mariah Carey’s song  ‘Beautiful’ but that doesn’t really goes on to prove that his musical tastes are great! As a matter of fact, I personally believe, his fame has dragged him to believing that whatever he does is not just acceptable but is also liked and praised by thousands. Somewhere in his subconscious, he thinks that downing a few shots of Tequila with exposed body tats and bouncing bums to the beats of DJ makes him the best in his industry. Well, that’s my personal opinion!

No matter what I think of his beliefs and habits, I will always accept that he is just perfectly suitable for the job of modelling because modelling is not about what music you like or what tattoos you get on your bum and body! It is about how you face the camera and he knows the rules of the game!

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